Accidentally deleting essential files is a common mistake and can cause you quite a bit of trouble. The good news is that if you catch the mistake quickly enough, the file will most likely still be on your computer and in one piece. Keep reading for tips on how to undelete files before they’re gone for good.

Before you panic: 

• Check to see if you mistakenly saved the file to a different location. People commonly save files to their Downloads or other folders without realizing it, so do a search of all your documents before presuming that it’s gone.

• Check out recovered files. Often, if you close a program or your computer shuts down without warning, there is a recovered files folder that saves whatever you were working on. Search your system for those files before losing hope.

• Search your email. If you emailed a copy of the file to someone, it may still be in your Sent Messages folder. Checking here first can save you a lot of time and stress.

• Check your Recycle Bin, as this is where many files hang out until they are entirely erased.

When those don’t work
There are some times when these tricks simply won’t be able to recover the files you need. If this happens, your best bet is to contact your IT services provider for help.

Losing files can be scary. Fortunately, they’re often not completely lost. These tips are straightforward and easy to follow – and when they don’t work, your IT services provider is usually just a phone call away.