What is the most common method that hackers use to exploit vulnerabilities in your computers?
Most successful breaches are the result of computers not being up to date with security patches, in combination with the user selecting a bad link in a fake email or opening a malicious attachment. The malicious web site or attachment exploits a security vulnerability and installs its’ payload.

How do hackers make money from cybersecurity breaches?
The most common way hackers make money is by launching ransomware, which encrypts the user’s data files. Then the hackers demand a payment in exchange for providing the decryption key.

How can you prevent hackers from getting into your computer?
Always keep your computers up to date with security patches, especially Windows Updates, Adobe Flash updates, Java updates and browser updates. Additionally, do not clink on links in emails. or open email attachments, unless you expected the email. The email that says, “Here’s your credit card receipt for the airfare you just purchased in the amount of $964.34” is trying to get you to open the attachment so it can try to exploit your machine.

As one of the best cyber security companies in area around Orange County, IT Tropolis have a multi-pronged defense to help protect you against cyber attacks. First of all, protection at the perimeter of the network/gateway is essential. Firewalls should have anti-malware and anti-spam filtering services enabled. Secondly, anti malware protection on every endpoint in the network is essential. We ensure all computer and network devices have anti-virus installed and we have monitoring and alerting systems in place to notify us if the programs are not up to date. Thirdly, our web surfing protection/content filtering agent protects against visits to malicious sites. Finally, regularly scheduled and monitored backups are imperative to ensure quick recovery in the event of a compromise.

What is the most common mistake people make when it comes to cyber security?
The most common mistake we see people make is not having a recoverable backup. At IT Tropolis, we’ll ensure your backup jobs run regularly, and we’ll periodically test the recovery process to ensure your data can actually be restored in the event of a disaster.

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