What is the most common method that hackers use to exploit vulnerabilities in your computers?
Most successful breaches are the result of computers not being up to date with security patches, in combination with the user selecting a bad link in a fake email or opening a malicious attachment. The malicious web site or attachment exploits a security vulnerability and installs its’ payload.

How do hackers make money from cybersecurity breaches?
The most common way hackers make money is by launching ransomware, which encrypts the user’s data files. Then the hackers demand a payment in exchange for providing the decryption key.

How can you prevent hackers from getting into your computer?
Always keep your computers up to date with security patches, especially Windows Updates, Adobe Flash updates, Java updates and browser updates. Additionally, do not clink on links in emails. or open email attachments, unless you expected the email. The email that says, “Here’s your credit card receipt for the airfare you just purchased in the amount of $964.34” is trying to get you to open the attachment so it can try to exploit your machine.

As one of the best cyber security companies in area around Orange County, IT Tropolis have a multi-pronged defense to help protect you against cyber attacks. First of all, protection at the perimeter of the network/gateway is essential. Firewalls should have anti-malware and anti-spam filtering services enabled. Secondly, anti malware protection on every endpoint in the network is essential. We ensure all computer and network devices have anti-virus installed and we have monitoring and alerting systems in place to notify us if the programs are not up to date. Thirdly, our web surfing protection/content filtering agent protects against visits to malicious sites. Finally, regularly scheduled and monitored backups are imperative to ensure quick recovery in the event of a compromise.

What is the most common mistake people make when it comes to cyber security?
The most common mistake we see people make is not having a recoverable backup. At IT Tropolis, we’ll ensure your backup jobs run regularly, and we’ll periodically test the recovery process to ensure your data can actually be restored in the event of a disaster.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Cybersecurity (Orange County, CA)

Why Are Cyber-Security Jobs Important?

In our modern world, cyber-security awareness is crucial. Small- and medium-sized businesses are especially prone to compromised security. It is the responsibility of cyber-security experts to mitigate threats related to the network and each device linked to it.

What Are Your Typical System Security Procedures?

After partnering with a new company, we immediately get to work implementing solutions. At its’ basics, our process looks like the following (it may vary depending on the needs of your business):

Cyber Threat Analysis

We cannot begin fixing problems until we complete several risk assessments. The first thing we look for is any sign that the device or network has already been compromised. This could be due to a direct attack or a malicious program that bypassed virus detection.

Data Security Assessment

After determining if your device or network is in immediate danger, we look below the surface. Using a senior threat analyst, we collect the risk assessments for your data and personal information.

Security Tool Deployments

Once we identify the problems, we begin working on solutions. Depending on the severity of the issues, we may need to use a variety of tools to achieve success. Complicated tasks may need to be treated over several hours or sessions. When finished, we will have a robust solution in place to provide ongoing security.

Rapid Incident Response

We pride ourselves on our incident response times. As a long-term customer, we provide you with ongoing cybersecurity services to continue protecting your business. When a threat arises, our immediate incident response stops it from escalating.

How Else Can I Protect Myself Against Cyber Risks?

The best way to eliminate cyber threats is to prevent them from occurring. Keep yourself and your business safe by implementing the following security risk management guidance:

Meet Security Requirements

When a website, app, or program warns that your device or browser may not be compatible, do not ignore the message. Unsupported technology is vulnerable to attack since there are fewer obstacles in the way. Ensure every device connected to your network is fully updated with the latest versions of each software application.

Develop Network Security Plans

Have a safety plan in place for when you need to add new devices to the network or if you need to change networks. Even a novice with poor hacking skills will be able to slip through a crack caused by an unsecured device or a temporary lapse in protection.

Update Corporate Security Policies

Ensure everyone in your corporation is adhering to safety practices by updating your official policies. Have workers read through the updates and encourage them to ask questions. Through written policies, employees will understand what is expected of them to maintain the company’s digital safety and privacy.

Regularly Conduct Security Awareness Training

As new cybersecurity threats emerge daily, make sure your team is knowledgeable about the latest protections. If there’s a popular phishing scam, send your employees an email warning them not to click on it. When someone contacts them threatening to release sensitive company information, ensure your workers understand the proper protocol.

Why Is Orange County, California Especially Vulnerable to Cyber Threats?

Orange County sees more than its fair share of hackers and digital scammers. Part of this is due to it being such a largely populated area. More people means more opportunities to trick someone.

It’s important not to let your guard down in an area containing so many cyber attackers. They write programs to force your computer to install tools for collecting data and to stealthily monitor everything you do. This is devastating to individuals and potentially fatal to companies.

Be mindful of who you trust with your information. You are more vulnerable after every outreach program during which you shared your company’s information on a large scale. Widespread advertisements also put you at increased risk because more attackers become aware of you.

This doesn’t mean you have to stop promoting. It simply means you need to ensure you have a reliable cybersecurity company protecting you.

Why Should I Use IT Tropolis for Security Operations Related to Cyber Attackers?

Our industry experts have the knowledge and demonstrated experience to tackle core challenges in computer security. Using our cybersecurity capabilities, we have uniquely identified hundreds of thousands of cyber risks for organizations across Orange County, CA.

After assessing your needs, we introduce scalable processes to efficiently handle problems as they grow and shrink. As a result, we have boosted network security operations related to every industry in Orange County. We provide industry-leading incident response time to ensure you’re always protected, even after the initial job is completed.

What Are Signs That My Network Security Has Been Compromised?
  • Malware
  • Ransomware
  • Adware
  • Spyware
  • Bloatware
  • Sudden inability to run network security programs
  • A camera turning itself on or refusing to turn off
  • Sudden inability to access accounts
  • Location tracking that refuses to turn off
  • New files or programs installed
  • Sudden inability to control a device or server-based software
  • Private information leaks, such as doxing
What Other Management Services Do You Provide for Orange County Companies?

Beyond cybersecurity, we have a wide range of services. Some of these solutions include data protection, vendor management, and digital marketing services. You can view a detailed list of what we have to offer on our website.

Do You Provide Cyber-Security Services Outside of Orange County, CA?

We offer our products and services to businesses located in Orange County and South LA County, including Long Beach, Cerritos, and La Mirada. Currently, our company does not serve other areas in California. We are always open to the possibility of expansion, so keep us in mind if our services ever reach your area in the future! You can also recommend us to someone you know in Orange County or South LA County who could use our help.

Where Can I Find More Security Risk Management Guidance?

We have an educational blog where we explain information security and provide tips for keeping your technology safe. You can also contact us by phone, email, and traditional mail with any questions you may have. Our customers enjoy the high-quality information we’re able to provide them about our services and how we keep them safe.

Do you want a more casual way to gather information? Check out our social media. We post regular updates about the biggest technology news on Twitter and Facebook.

Do You Have Any Available Jobs in Cybersecurity (Orange County Location)?

Are you interested in being a cyber-security consultant for our company? Contact us by phone or email to see if we currently have any openings. If not, we will give you the latest job alert when we have availability. All you need to do is leave us your contact information and request a future job alert.