By Bob Herman
IT Tropolis

FOUNTAIN VALLEY, CA – In today’s world of endless competing products and services, recognizing best-of-breed has never been more important. Save time, headaches and that stressful feeling of, “am I missing something,” by adopting the best of breed solution in a particular space, then not second guessing yourself.

Many companies are built from the ground up to provide solutions and services in a core competency. However, the constant Wall Street pressure to grow revenues and profits often forces these companies into perhaps related but mostly unfamiliar waters.  As a result, we’re constantly prospected by numerous “big boys” to switch to their product or solution.

For example, consider search engines and email/document services. Google is the best-of-breed solution in the search engine space. Microsoft: please stop trying to get me to switch to Bing! When it comes to email & document services, Microsoft’s Exchange server, Office software and related Office 365 online service runs circles around Gmail and Google Docs. Google: please stop trying to compete with Microsoft in this space!

Now I’m not saying that we shouldn’t foster competition. That’s the American way! However, I am saying that the constant battling between these already large and successful enterprises causes unnecessary headaches for their customers.  The browser wars will continue so I only ask: please don’t break each other’s systems.

In short, recognize best-of-breed, go with it, and don’t second guess yourself.