E-readers have become very popular in recent years. Those who use them swear by them for their convenience and portability. Everybody doesn’t share their enthusiasm, however. There are a number of things to take into consideration before you decide if an e-reader is right for you.

What are the choices?
The Amazon Kindle, Sony Reader and Barnes & Noble Nook are some of the most popular of the e-readers. Although some e-readers have Internet capabilities, their primary purpose is to display e-books.

Tablet owners often use their tablets to read e-books as well. Most tablets, however, do far more than just display e-books, so that is not their main purpose.


  • E-readers are extremely portable, which is wonderful for anyone who likes to read while on vacation or a business trip
  • An additional travel bonus – if you are in a foreign country, you can still download an e-book in the language you choose, instead of seeking out an accommodating bookstore.
  • Books are typically cheaper than you will find in regular bookstores.
  • Privacy – you most likely don’t want everybody to know if you’re reading a self-help book. If you’re using an e-reader, they won’t be able to tell.
  • All of your books can be found in one place.


  • Depending on the type of e-reader or tablet, you might not be able to read in direct sunlight because of screen glare.
  • Cost – while you might pay less for books than you normally would, e-readers usually cost upwards of $140.
  • If you’re accustomed to shopping in used bookstores, these books will cost a great deal more than you’re accustomed to paying.
  • Lending books isn’t always a choice.
  • All of your books are in one place – if you lose your e-reader, you’re losing all of your books if you do not buy a replacement.

In general, when you’re determining whether or not an e-reader is right for you, it’s all about preference. Some prefer the simplicity of having all of their books in one handy device. Others like the weight and feel of a book and like to show off the books they’ve read on a bookshelf somewhere.

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