Why Physical Security is Just as Important as Online Security in Your Business

Physical security of any business  requires implementing strategies that ensure all essential and private data, networks, software, gadgets, amenities, properties, and staff are secured.  It is essential to ensure physical security of a business because security can be affected through flood, fire, electrical issues, and so on.

Although these incidents may not compromise your data; they can make it difficult for data to be retrieved, which could imply permanent loss of data. The second reason for physically securing your business is to be safe in the event of terrorism, wreckage, or theft.

Most companies spend time and money implementing online security measures like firewalls and encryption software to keep their websites and data safe. Although these are vital, it is also essential to implement physical security at the same time. Follow these steps to ensure physical security of your business:

Train Staff to be Security Conscious

Your employees are your first security tactics. You must create a strategy in your security approach, this means, you should make your staff aware and conscious in all activities and operations. It will help to create a great working environment and your staff will feel they are essential to the company. This may make them more committed and more aware of how their actions could result in a security breach.

Consider using locking and encrypting systems, secure passwords, and ensure only employees have access to company information. You may also consider using wireless security to be aware of all connected devices.

Install Security Gates and Doors

The second thing you need to do is secure the entrance to the company’s gateway with security gates and doors. There are currently entrance security systems that require a key card for an individual to have access into a building.

Security systems are recommended because they offer stringent access control for different doors and can keep out those who don’t work in that building.

Although these types of doors are relatively secure, badges or badge data can be stolen by robbers or fraudsters. Luckily with wireless communication technology businesses install smart locks. These allow businesses to barricade and unlock the doors remotely through wireless protocols.  

Install CCTV Cameras for Surveillance

Video surveillance cameras are no longer as expensive as they used to be. They can help a business detect potential threats and carry out forensic analysis of previous occurrences. Despite the affordable cost and the usefulness, many businesses do not use them.

For physical security to be maintained, you need to install CCTV cameras at the entrance of every business facility. Also consider strategic locations within your company’s premises like data centers and telecom cabinets.

Set up Alarms to Signal Potential Intrusion

The next very significant measure to ensure physical security of your business facility is to install intrusion detection systems and alarms. This type of alarm system will scare away intruders and signal the staff or police to visit the scene if the alarm continues to ring over a certain period of time. You’d want help from a certified alarm expert who can assist with installing and maintaining the best alarm system.

The intrusion alarm is essential because a number of small businesses share offices with other tenants with little separation. An intrusion alarm system secures your business should any intruder want to gain access into your office.

Secure your Server Room

Most small businesses use their data center as their server or have brackets of servers located in a small room. Secure and monitor access into your server room. It is very significant to ensure your data is properly secured. It will also ensure your business activities are secured if the servers are compromised or destroyed.

You can also install security gates at the entrance to the server room to limit access. The security gates can easily be installed and used. They can be configured to provide unrestricted access to the server room when required.

Installing physical security gates is also beneficial because they provide adequate ventilation to server rooms compared to locked doors. Alternatively, you can install a gate behind a locked door.

Despite the necessity of physically securing the server room, many businesses do not consider the option of securing the room with security gates due to cost. Although you’d spend some money to install the gates, it will give you peace of mind knowing your equipment is protected. You will also feel better knowing that you have taken the most appropriate actions to limit entrance into the room by criminals who may want to break in and steal from your business.

It is better to take steps now to ensure adequate security of your business. This saves you lots of headaches and costly consequences of dealing with the loss of data, which no one wants to experience.

Keep Your Data and Staff Safe

Both cybersecurity companies and physical security are important and neither should be neglected. Have a secure network and automate jobs to assure your work is safe. Consider using sales management software or order to cash software. This will allow your work to run smoothly with hardly any human interaction.

Physical security is especially significant for small businesses that may not have the money to pay for security gadgets and security personnel. Physical security helps businesses to keep their assets safe. This includes IT gadgets and servers with which they run their business and to which they save critical data.

Businesses need to implement physical security strategies with staff and equipment like gates, alarms, and CCTV surveillance cameras. This implies that businesses must train their staff to be security conscious and try new technological gadgets that enhance security.