Everybody has been talking today about the new feature to be revealed by Google. It is called Gmail Motion and it lets users perform standard email commands with simple gestures.

Simple actions like search, forward, reply and mark as unread can all be performed with gestures, instead of the click of a mouse. This makes users feel more in touch with both their email and their computers and makes for an overall more enjoyable email experience.

How does it work?
Gmail Motion integrates your computer’s built-in webcam with Google’s new, patented spatial tracking technology. Basically, your webcam tracks your movements and interprets them as Gmail specific commands.

How to use Gmail Motion safely
Safety precautions are very important when it comes to operating Gmail Motion. Just like any other physical activity, injuries are possible and the proper steps must be taken in order to avoid them. Ensuring that the area around you is clear is the first step. The technology may overwhelm you at times and cause you to make quick, jerky movements, which can result in injury.

Google also advises that you take regular breaks every 30 or 40 minutes, just as you should with any other sort of deskwork. It is easy for your muscles to get fatigued as well, which is why you should always take time to stretch between sessions.

If this technology interests you, try taking a look at the Gmail Motion website, which profiles how-to videos and a printable Motion Guide that contains all of the possible gestures. If you are a business user who is wondering when you will be able to take advantage of this technology, have no fear – you will soon be seeing Google Docs Motion.

This technology is sure to excite people because it changes the way we interact with our computers. If you are a little undecided about the new technology, you’re not alone. Many people think that this is a ridiculous move on Google’s part – and they’re right. This is just another one of Google’s yearly April Fools’ Day gags.

Happy April Fools’ Day!