For many of us, our smartphone is our primary link to the outside world. So, when that smartphone is out of commission because of a dead battery or something worse, we can feel totally lost. Fortunately, there are a number of simple tricks that can help preserve your phone’s battery life for both the short and long-term.

Shut off 3G or 4G
3G and 4G capabilities allow your phone to constantly “talk” to the Internet, which can consume a great deal of battery power. Try turning it off unless you’re in need of the speed it offers.

Adjust the brightness of your screen
A too-bright screen is one of the major culprits of battery drainage. Dimming the screen is a simple way to conserve a lot of battery when you need it.

Disable push notifications
Enabling push notifications on your phone allows your phone to regularly send out signals to get new emails or other notifications. Turning that off will stop your phone from doing a lot of unnecessary work.

Know when to charge your battery
Find out what type of battery your phone uses. Lithium ion batteries can be charged anytime without affecting the long-term battery life. Nickel-based batteries, however, lose their power over time if you charge them too much, so make sure they’re totally drained first.

These are some great tricks that can keep your phone battery alive, when it’s on the verge of dying. For more tips, check out this Business Insider article