Creating a strong password might appear to be a rather straightforward concept. In fact, many websites even tell you when your password is “good” or “strong”. Unfortunately, many people still overlook the vital rules to creating a strong password.

  • Always make your passwords longer than six characters
  • Include a mix of uppercase, lowercase, numbers and special characters
  • Don’t use a name or any word in the dictionary
  • Try using a phrase instead of a word
  • Don’t use the same password on multiple sites

All of these rules are crucial for creating a good password but the last one is especially important. If someone gains access to one of your accounts, all of your accounts may become vulnerable if you use the same password on every site.

Multiple passwords can get tricky to keep track of but, luckily, there are tools for that. KeePassand Tiny Password are great tools for managing a database of passwords. It’s essential to keep in mind that the hassle of remembering several passwords is nothing compared to the hassle of having all of your accounts hacked.

For more password tips and pointers check out this Lifehacker article.